COVID-19 Impacts: Perspectives from Women in Science

September 29, 2020 via Zoom

CSU scientists with diverse expertise will provide their perspectives on a broad array of topics regarding COVID-19. The conversation will stretch from thoughts about the origin and transmission of corona viruses, testing strategies, human and community health impacts, and behavior changes noted during the pandemic. Join us!

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Carol Blair

Dr. Carol Blair, Professor Emerita
Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Dr. Blair has been at CSU for over 40 years, participating in research on molecular biological aspects of arboviruses and their interactions with both transmission vectors and vertebrate hosts. – Virologist lands another first with career-achievement honor


Rebekah Kading

Bats, Coronaviruses and Spillover Events

Dr. Rebekah Kading, Assistant Professor
Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

A multitude of factors influence the enzootic circulation of viruses and their potential for introduction and establishment in new geographic areas. Dr. Kading’s team is interested in understanding how an emerging disease might become established in host populations. – ‘A Lot To Contribute’: CSU Helps Research Bats & Coronavirus

Susan De Long

Wastewater Testing for COVID-19

Dr. Susan De Long, Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
School of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. De Long’s research is focused on developing environmentally sustainable biotechnologies. Her research group applies molecular biology tools to investigate microbial communities involved in successful treatment processes and leverages this knowledge to improve treatment process design. – In Colorado, Your Stool Is a Tool In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Lise Youngblade

The Human Psychological/Sociological Impacts of COVID-19

Dr. Lise Youngblade, Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences
Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Youngblade is an applied developmental scientist whose areas of specialization include child and adolescent socio-emotional development; access to healthcare for vulnerable youth; program evaluation; and analysis of developmental processes in educational and community contexts.

Phillida Charley

The COVID-19 impact on Native American communities

Dr. Phillida Charley, Postdoctoral Fellow
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Dr. Charley currently is working on an interdisciplinary team studying the health and environmental effects of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation. – Walking in beauty: A Navajo scientist confronts the legacy of uranium mining

Pat Aloise-Young

How do we sustain the behavior changes that have resulted in decreased carbon emissions during the COVID-19 stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders.

Dr. Pat Aloise-Young, Associate Professor
Applied Social and Health Psychology
Co-Director of the Center for Energy and Behavior
Faculty Affiliate, School of Global Environmental Sustainability

Dr. Aloise-Young specializes in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs whose goal is to promote sustainable behavior change.