Innovating Minds: 'Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller' Workshop

The Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller Cover

October 3, 2019
4 – 6:30 p.m.
Nancy Richardson Design Center room 312
Colorado State University

For anyone in a position to influence, effective storytelling can make the difference between achieving compliance and creating champions. In the Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller workshop, we explore the science of influence and the art of designing and telling a compelling story. Participants use that understanding to plot out and practice crafting and telling a story that will influence their audience and get them a step closer to buy-in, engagement or investment.

Presented by Stephanie Judd, MS, MBA of Wolf & Heron

Wolf & Heron, co-founded by Kara Davidson & Stephanie Judd, builds inspired organizations with their workshops, resources & coaching, by aligning leadership, motivating employees, & uplifting leaders.

Presenter Stephanie Judd, MS, MBA has over 10 years of professional experience working with Fortune 100 businesses, grassroots non-profits, multinational NGOs and small businesses, spanning industries from retail to tech to manufacturing to healthcare and everything in between. She has launched culture change initiatives across national and international franchise organizations several times. Stephanie specializes in leadership development and high performing team dynamics, and spends most of her time coaching and advising executive teams. Some clients she has worked with include Belk, Solo Cup, Environmental Defense Fund, Western Union, the government of Rwanda, and Dell.

Nancy Richardson Design Center at CSU

Nancy Richardson Design Center at Colorado State University
522 West Lake Street, Fort Collins, CO 80523

With the goal of advancing interdisciplinary design thinking & CSU’s design programs, the Nancy Richardson Design Center (RDC) offers cutting-edge technology and inspiring spaces to encourage multi-disciplinary and hands-on learning. The three-story building houses studios; research and design labs; computer labs; collaboration spaces; fully equipped makers labs (woods, metals, CNC fabrication, and virtual reality); gallery & exhibition spaces; and faculty/administrative offices for the RDC and Department of Design & Merchandising. The Richardson Design Center is named in honor of Nancy and Curt Richardson, OtterBox and Blue Ocean co-founders, who donated $8.1 million to the $19.2 million facility.