Deer 139 Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Deer 139 Film Poster

November 10, 2022
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
C.B. & Potts – 1441 E Horsetooth Rd
Fort Collins, CO

The Innovating Minds Series will screen Deer 139, an adventure and conservation film detailing the 85-mile-long migration path of a Wyoming mule deer doe and the University of Wyoming biologist who has studied her. Following the film, a panel comprised of scientists and conservationists involved in local conservation efforts will discuss their work. About the Deer 139 Film.



Jenny Powers

Jenny Powers
Wildlife Veterinarian,
National Parks Service

Jenny currently works at the Widlife Health Branch of the National Park Service. She does research in wildlife disease ecology and wildlife fertility control. Current projects include: ‘Re-immunization of Free-Ranging Horses with GonaCon Immunological Vaccine: Effects on Reproduction, Side Effects, and Population Performance’ and ‘Effects of Chronic Wasting Disease on Elk Biology and Ecology’.

Suzanne O'Neil

Suzanne O’Neil
Executive Director,
Colorado Wildlife Federation

Suzanne is a former practicing lawyer and consultant to professional services firms. She received her law degree at University of Texas School of Law and master degree in Environmental Policy and Management from University of Denver. Suzanne is an avid wildlife photographer and also enjoys fishing, her sheep and llamas, and gardening.

Liba Pejchar

Liba Pejchar
Professor of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology,
Colorado State University

Liba’s interdisciplinary research focuses on restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services in the places where people live and work. Among other projects, she and her terrific students study the loss and recovery of birds on invasion-prone pacific islands, bison reintroduction in western North America, and innovative ways to sustain nature and human well-being in agroecosystems and areas undergoing residential and energy development.

Allie Petersen

Allie Petersen
Biological Science Technician,
National Park Service

Allie Petersen is a Biological Science Technician with the National Park Service’s Biological Resources Division. She assists wildlife veterinarians and ecologists with a variety of programs including animal welfare, veterinary diagnostics, and fieldwork. She’s been with BRD since her graduation from the Colorado State University Warner College of Natural Resources in 2015

Gretchen Reuning

Gretchen Reuning
Director of Natural Resources Programs,
Larimer Conservation District

Hired as the Forestry Program Director in early 2017, Gretchen grew the roots for what LCD’s forestry program is today. Since then, she has planned and managed over 4,000 acres of forest restoration treatments on private land in Larimer County with the goals of improving forest ecosystem health & wildlife habitat and reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire. In collaboration with local partners, Gretchen is also spearheading a new riparian restoration program which aims to improve riparian and aquatic ecosystem health through low-tech, process-based restoration techniques such as beaver dam analogs.