The Women in Science Network is inviting you to hear from leaders in academia, industry, policy, NGOs and more… as they share their path to success and innovation. Each 2-hour event of the series is complimentary and includes networking, appetizers, and creative speakers from local, regional and national platforms.

Past Events

November 11, 2023 ‘Building your Personal and Professional Brand’

A panel discussion and workshop to help develop your own personal and professional brand in the field of science.

Share Your Force: May the 4th Be With You

May 4, 2023 ‘Share Your Force: May the 4th Be With You’

A celebration and conversation that helped commemorate what we learned about ourselves and each other, through accomplishments big and small, that will lead us into the future.

Deer 139 Banner

November 10, 2022 ‘Deer 139’ Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Following the film screening, a panel comprised of scientists and conservationists involved in local conservation efforts will discuss their work.

Green Labs CSU

February 8, 2022 ‘Green Labs: Where Research Sustainability Meets Safety’

A panel of CSU employees discuss how the Green Labs and Research Safety Culture programs work collaboratively across the university to enhance CSU’s world-renowned research.

Science and Art overlap to create Wonder

December 7, 2021 ‘The Art and Science of Design’

Three women in design share their insights to merging art and science in the creation of interactive and beautiful spaces with an eye on renewable energy and sustainability.

Indrakshi Ray

October 26, 2021 ‘Perspectives and Support in Moving Towards Inclusivity in Science’ Panel

WiSCI Network and CSU Ventures hosted a pre-watch of the “Picture a Scientist” film, followed by a virtual panel discussion.

Dan Beachy-Quick

September 14, 2021 ‘Bridging Science and Art through Haiku’
Dan Beachy-Quick – Author, Professor

Dr. Dan Beach-Quick, poet, essayist and CSU English professor, will led a workshop discussing the origins and creation of haiku, exploring the connections between science and art. Each participant left the workshop having written a poem or two.

Fred Haberecht

June 8, 2021 ‘CSU Campus Landscapes in Three Acts’
Fred Haberect – University Planner

Dr. Haberecht shared his path over 20 years in CSU’s landscape development; how areas were designed to best suit microclimates across campus, create respites for the mind and eye, and pay tribute to the history of this land grant institution

December 1, 2020 ‘Virtual Library Innovations’ Panel

Leaders and experts in Library and Digital Sciences from the Poudre River Public Library District and CSU Libraries share how libraries have innovated their operations and community services during the pandemic, in addition to the ongoing digital innovations shaping data and research.

September 29, 2020 ‘COVID-19 Impacts: Perspectives from Women in Science’ Panel

CSU scientists with diverse expertise provided their perspectives on a broad array of topics regarding COVID-19. The conversation ranged from thoughts about the origin and transmission of corona viruses, testing strategies, human and community health impacts, and behavior changes noted during the pandemic.

June 25, 2020 ‘Rise Up and Shape the World to Come’
Susan Skog – Author, Speaker

This inspiring call-to-action, held virtually over Zoom with author, give-back leader, and speaker Susan Skog explored how these times invite us to rise up and be the architects of what’s to come. These collective emergencies call us to emerge as the sheroes needed in these times, tapping our own incredible power, voices, gifts, generosity, and shared sisterhood.

February 12, 2020 ‘What the Eyes don’t See’
Mona Hanna Attisha, MD – Author

In partnership with the CSU Libraries and their Author Series, hosted a large crowd for an evening with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, author of What the Eyes Don’t See, which is her powerful first-hand account of the Flint water crisis as the crusading pediatrician who brought the fight for justice in Flint to the national spotlight.

December 5, 2019 ‘Fermentation Innovation’ Panel

Our panel of local Northern Colorado professionals  has a lively discussion together about the science, culture, sustainability, innovative experiments and their personal experiences in the fermentation industry. Following the panel engagingly moderated by Pretty Brainy founder & president Heidi Olinger, the event moved to the Ramskellar where attendees and panelists socialized and networked with one another.

October 3, 2019 ‘Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller’ Workshop
Stephanie Judd – Wolf & Heron

Participants in the workshop explored the science of influence and the art of designing and telling a compelling story. Then, participants used that understanding to plot out and practice crafting and telling a story with one another that would influence their audience and get them a step closer to buy-in, engagement or investment.

September 26, 2019 ‘If I’m not safe, no body is: science, power, and activism in the age of #MeToo’
Sharona Gordon – Founder, Below the Waterline

Using the results of the NASEM report on Sexual Harrassment, Dr. Sharona Gordon discussed the topic of harassment in academia, including experiences she personally had during her career, and how she was inspired to make a difference for the academic community through the efforts of her organization, Below the Waterline, at her university and beyond. She shared recommendations for improving culture, wherever you may be able to, to combat harassment in academia.

June 13, 2019 ‘Women in Clean Energy’
Maury Dobbie – Executive Directory, Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory
Pretty Brainy MISSion Innovation 3 minute team presentations

With the backdrop of the CSU Powerhouse Energy Campus, Maury Dobbie shared her lessons learned and engaged the audience to share their individual experiences as individuals entering STEM fields. The top three teams from Pretty Brainy’s MISSion Innovation presented their proposed climate actions for the local Fort Collins community, and their progress towards testing & implementing these solutions.

March 7, 2019 ‘Colorado Influencers’
Featuring Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF) Portrait Gallery

In honor of Women’s History Month, an invited panel of diverse men & women shared how these notable Colorado women and others have been an inspirational influence on their lives.

December 6, 2018 ‘Let’s Puzzle, not Poker’
Mitzi Moran –  CEO, Sunrise Community Health

Mitzi shared stories about some of the innovative public health collaborations & partnerships she has helped bring to fruition, and provided collaborative ideas for attendees to bring back to their personal and professional lives.

October 11, 2018 ‘How My Story Became Her Story’
Jill Tietjen, P.E. – Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee & Author

Jill delighted the audience with her personal story as an innovative woman, and how she’s worked to highlight the stories & significant contributions of many women in history as well.

Organizing Board

Candace Mathiason, PhD
Professor, CSU
Co-Lead, Innovating Minds Lecture Series

Julie Moreno, PhD
Assistant Professor, CSU
Co-Lead, Innovating Minds Lecture Series

Sarah K. Hibbs-Shipp, PhD
Supervisory Biologist, USDA – APHIS

Jillian Lang, PhD
Director, Strategic Partnerships, CSU STRATA

Heidi Olinger, MA
Founder & CEO, Pretty Brainy

Edit Szalai, PhD
Program Manager, CSU

Lauren Weller, MS
Assistant Director of International Agriculture, CSU Systems

Former Board Members:
Mandana Ashouri, former Director, Licensing & Business Development, CSU Ventures
Lindsay Hohn – Founder & CEO, 3 Labs Development, and Co-Director, Women Who Code
Amanda Koch – PhD Candidate, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, CSU
Rod Tompkins, Executive Vice President, Mantel Technologies